just bored with nothing to do on a saturday

Saturday is boring. So I’ll talk about a few things I like. The most beautiful woman of all time is soledad Miranda no other woman compares to her she is the ultimate. Tragically she died in a car accident on august 18, 1970. She’ll always be 27 forever to me. I have 100 rifles and sugar colt she is beautiful in each of them. Today is a good day to see a movie but I can watch the newest movies from the theaters at home on my tablet anymore. To anyone who follows me have a great day everyone.


it’s been a while

Hi there it is me Wayne via again, sorry I haven’t been writing lately. I’ve been busy with other things but it get’s boring in Waynesboro va. I just been watching TV, I hope the show Constantine get’s renewed for season 2 it is one of the best shows on TV ever, it’s a thousand times better than the movie, please keep this show on. I have a birthday coming up I’ll be 40 on Feb. 26 of this year has it been that long I still remember turning 20 back in 1995the time really goes on. In closing I like to tell everyone go see inherent vice best movie of 2014. I have to go now I’ll try to keep writing more often until then have a good day everyone.


just relaxing watching tv

Just sitting here watching Sanford and son on my DVD player I wish Sony would put it out on blu-ray picture would be awesome. It is 1:32 am this x-mas eve.  My name is Wayne via, I live in Waynesboro, va I love it here this is a good place to live. I love spaghetti western movies, I have a collection of  s.westerns about 200 of them by now, and I’m still adding more. Spaghetti westerns are my favorite movies. I admit I can’t think of anything else to say right now but I’ll be back soon to talk more have a good night everyone. Merry x-mas everyone.